Day 1-3

3/365  Canine Companion #41

Momma's Pride and Joy

Momma's Pride and Joy

Sadie was feeling a little left out because I posted a picture of Shiloh and not her.  I got this picture of her was I was getting ready to start taking down the Christmas tree.

2/365  Local Landmark #174

Where I live!

Where I live!

 This is where I was born and raised and still live today.  I always thought this water tower was pretty cool.  Our county is known for Maple Syrup and hosts the Maple Festival in early Spring.

1/365  Baby it’s cold outside #18

It's cold out here!!

It's cold out here!!


4 responses to “Day 1-3

  1. Welcome to the challenge Kristin – I just linked you to my page! Great start so far…

  2. Great photos, welcome to the blog monster!

  3. Two Canine Compainions and a water tower, The Girl who has EVERYTHING, welcome to the challenge and great Photos.

  4. Welcome, Kristin! I really love the dog in front of the Christmas tree with the blurred lights in the background.

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