Day 4 – Toys #334




My son can play with these for HOURS!!!  He got some new ones for Xmas and he’s set up a combat today.


15 responses to “Day 4 – Toys #334

  1. boys will be kids are into the superhero figurines – great angle

  2. When I saw this in my feed reader I thought those looked like such realistic toys! That’s a great angle, it makes them look almost lifelike!

  3. Cool picture, Kristin! Welcome to the Challenge!

  4. Great shot! Your shallow DOF really gives it that miniature effect that I can’t remember the name of.

  5. That is an excellent shot. The shallow depth of field really works. My son likes these toys too…

  6. Chris A. (Chreamps)

    Such a wonderful shot, Kristen! Love the perspective and will make a great layout picture!

  7. Great pic, my boys used to love playing army!!

  8. Those aren’t TOYs they are ACTION FIGURES, almost real like in the shot though, well done

  9. Awesome photo! My DS likes his army guys too.

  10. Love the photo! The perspective is awesome.

  11. This is SO adorable, reminds me so much of my boys!

  12. Really nice photo! The ACTION FIGURES look like they’re ready to go! lol

  13. Love the angle on this Kristin!!!

  14. I love photographs of miniatures, there’s something about how they are rendered that catches my eye….

  15. Kristin, this picture is so fun! Brings me back to when my son was little. He would play with his army guys for hours and hours. Great picture!

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