7/365 #54 Closed

Schools Closed

Schools Closed

Kids didn’t have school today!!!  Hubby wasn’t to thrilled!  He’s on medical leave and was looking forward to getting a few things done before he went back to work.  I should’ve gotten a picture of him when he saw it pop on the TV screen.


10 responses to “7/365 #54 Closed

  1. You must get lots of snow days in Chardon! I live a little southeast of you in the “secondary snow belt”.

  2. Chris A. (Chreamps)

    Sounds the same as our place only they had a two – hour delay. I wish are District would consistently put snow delays on their website.

  3. Bet the kids were happy!!

  4. Isn’t that funny – whenever you plan a day, the kids get off school! Did they get some sledding in?
    Great image!

  5. lol that sounds like my husbands reaction! so did he get anything done (and the real question would he really have even if the kids weren’t home?lol)

  6. I love snow days! Just a kid at heart, I guess…

  7. Our schools were closed here too today, great photo!

  8. How I long for a snow day….

  9. I can relate to that from both sides of that one!

  10. I wish my work has more snow days!! LOL Great photo, I never would have thought to capture that right on the screen, awesome idea!!


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