10/365 #135 Guilty Pleasure



My name is Kristin and I’m an M&M addict!!!  Since Christmas I’ve really had my share of these!


13 responses to “10/365 #135 Guilty Pleasure

  1. Great colors in this one. Peanut M&Ms are my favorite but I will still eat these!!

  2. Chris A. (Chreamps)

    Wonderful macro! The colors are so vibrant and it makes me want to eat some (LOL)!

  3. The colors really do pop! Don’t worry about addiction until you get your M&Ms custom made 😉

  4. Chocolate never gives me the guilts, great colour photography, wonder what it would look like B&W

  5. These look good enough to eat… wonderful color and closeup.

  6. Ok, you hit my weakness, now I will be craving M & M’s all day and that is not good for the new year’s diet. Beautiful pic with those bright vibrant colors – love it!

  7. Love the photo, very colourful! I love m&m’s, especially the peanut ones!

  8. Kristin, you are making my mouth water! Great picture.

  9. what a wonderful guilty pleasure! tasty and colourful. delicious-looking photo!

  10. This really captures the essence of M&M’s … you see ’em, you want ’em!!!!

  11. Nice shot! Now pass that bag around!

  12. Why’d you have to do that? I don’t think we have any chocolate in the house… 😦

  13. FUN! Great colors.

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