9/365 #144 Hats

The finished product

The finished product

Finally got the picture of her with the hat that she made!  She is having a blast with this new hobby!


7 responses to “9/365 #144 Hats

  1. Tell your daughter I love her hat – wish I had that kind of talent! Not only is her hat beautiful, so is she – really nice image, what a cutie!

  2. Beautiful image. She is so cute and did such an awesome job on her hat.

  3. Chris A. (Chreamps)

    She did such a great job! Wonderful photo – gorgeous eyes!

  4. Thanks for showing us the results! Great hat, great photo – very cute daughter.

  5. Your daughter is so pretty and her hat is fantastic, I’m glad you shared the finished product with us!

  6. WOW. can she teach me? Beautiful work by your beautiful daughter! Job well done

  7. What a cutie! She did a great job on the hat and you did a great job on the portrait.

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