11/365 #304 Stop the Action


I think my son is getting tired of mom having a camera in her face.  He kept dodging the camera while playing on the snow mound outside.   We have about 12 inches on the ground right now.  See the snowball coming my way?


8 responses to “11/365 #304 Stop the Action

  1. Did you get the camera dry yet and when will he be able to sit down again. Great fulfillment of this theme. I can almost feel the snowball hit, although it is abot 30% C here today

  2. Once upon at time my dad introduced my brother, “… and this is my daughter Jeffrey …”…

    Despite the camera is his face, he seems to be enjoying himself. Perhaps he’s hoping to hit the camera? 🙂

    Nice shot.

  3. I feel like he’s throwing that snowball at me! He looks like he’s having a great time. Dodge Mom!

  4. Ok, I am ducking! Awesome and fun shot!!

  5. What fun!

  6. Great photo! He looks like he’s thoroughly enjoying the moment.

  7. Fantastic capture! Wish I’d thought of that!

  8. what a cool capture! great idea!

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