13/365 #162 Jumping, Leaping, Bouncing

13_365Sadie is a mut (Corgi/Beagle mix) and she has short legs.  With 12 inches of snow on the ground right now she does all she can to get through the snow.  It’s hilarious.


14 responses to “13/365 #162 Jumping, Leaping, Bouncing

  1. lol this is very funny!

  2. Aww, what a cute girl! I bet she does have a time getting through all that snow!

  3. Now that’s having fun Whoof Whoof

  4. I love that photo!! And what a cutie your dog is!!

  5. If he sits he might get lost!! What a cute (and happy) puppy!!

  6. She sure is having fun!

  7. You really captured the joy of romping through the snow!

  8. I love this! She’s a real cutie! They can be so entertaining sometimes!

  9. Wow! Your own private (and furry) snowplow!

  10. Great shot. Even Sadie looks cold!! She looks like a great pal.

  11. Wow, she is having a GREAT time & you’ve captured it all! Nice shot!

  12. Our little dog loves to swim through the snow too! Cute shot!

  13. Fantastic shot! She looks so happy!

  14. Cute dog and great photo…

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