14/365 #311 Sunrise


The only thing good about my job right now is the beautiful sunrises I get to witness from time to time.  This morning’s was probably the best I have seen.


8 responses to “14/365 #311 Sunrise

  1. That’s a great reason to go to work (though maybe not after seeing the upper post with the temp). Awesome color and the silhouette of the trees ancors it nicely.

  2. “Red Skies at morning Snow Traveller’s warning.” Okay so I stole and paraphrased, it’s only a misdemeanour, not a capital offence.

  3. What a beautiful sunrise! Makes getting out of bed on a cold morning worthwhile, especially when you have the camera with you.

  4. Such intense color! I love it!

  5. I don’t like mornings and I much prefer not working. But sometimes you do get wonderful images like this one. Very nice.

  6. Stunning! Lucky you!

  7. This has wonderful colors. It’s wonderful to look at. Almost makes you feel like you are there.

  8. Wonderful color and contrast…

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