16/365 (Pick your own) Friendship

016_365This is something I got from a girl at work today.  I think it’s the most bizarre thing.  I’ve never seen it before and I live in Amish country.  It’s called Amish Friendship bread and the way it works…you get this bag of batter with instructions.  The first 5 days you just mush the bag to mix it up.  The 6th day you add some ingredients and then you mush it for the next 3…the last day you add more ingredients and then you divide the batter into 4 more bags.  Keep one for yourself and give 3 to friends.  You have batter left over to make your first batch.  You don’t refrigerate it and the batter just continues being passed on to friend after friend….my question is how do people not get sick from it?  I was very hesitant to try it, but after sampling the bread…I had to!  It’s really really good.


5 responses to “16/365 (Pick your own) Friendship

  1. Ah a chain letter with some substance!

  2. Interesting, never heard of anything like that before – sounds yummy though (bread is my downfall)! By the way, I like how you composed the image – very feminine looking!

  3. I had one of those 13 years ago and the bread is really good. 🙂

  4. Your composition is very good. I love telling the story with the bag of batter. That is much better than just having a recipe shown. Good job.

  5. Hey, how about sending some my way? I love sourdough and it sounds like it must be similar. Your photo is wonderful – it’s intriguing in itself…

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