18/365 #153 How about this weather?

We got about 6 inches on top of the other 5 inches we already had and about another 4 inches today!  This was taken at about 3:00 this afternoon.  I live in the snowbelt in NE Ohio. 


6 responses to “18/365 #153 How about this weather?

  1. Beautiful image, love untouched snow. BUT, I am glad you have it and not me! 🙂

  2. Ohh the snow is so pretty but I’m pretty much done with it already how about you? I woke up this morning went to go food shopping and said “hey when did that happen” and had to shovel first…ugghh

  3. That poor tourtise.

  4. Yup, looks exactly the same here is SW Ontario 🙂 Stay warm!

  5. And we’re only a month into winter!

  6. Beautiful!!! You officially have more snow than my part of Alaska 😀

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