19/365 #86 Environmental Portrait

Today we took the kids sled riding at one of the state parks.  I just LOVED the view.  It was beautiful!!! 

And here’s a couple of the kids at the sled hill.  I had a really hard time getting photos.  Not too many turned out…still learning.  The fact that it was snow and action, I had a hard time getting the right settings. 


12 responses to “19/365 #86 Environmental Portrait

  1. Oh my, that scenery is gorgeous! What an image! The pics of the kids turned out wonderful as well. Looks like you had fun!

  2. I knew you’d come back with some fabulous pictures today. Your scenery picture is very intriguing. I’m trying to figure out what type of setting would be conducive to big icicles like that. In any event, your pictures are amazing, as usual. 🙂

  3. The kids look like they’re enjoying winter! What park is that with the icicles — not that I plan a field trip before the weather warms up…

    • It’s Hidden Valley Park in Madison, Ohio on Rt 528. I discovered that if you houver over the photo it will pull up a description as long as the poster put one. Just to let you know!

  4. Wow, great shot. It is very beautiful. Fun and cold with children. Brrrr

  5. I think all of your shots are fabulous. Lighting, color, clarity. Looks like the kids were having fun.

  6. Great job on the snow and the action! Those icicles are fabulous

  7. It doesn’t get more gorgeous than that during the winter! Great photos!

  8. Beautiful shot of the icicles, snow and your kids. Looks like they were having a ball.

  9. Great shots, all of them. The icicles are wonderful! I think you did a fine job on the exposures of the kids.

  10. Well still learning?? Those are all great shots!!! Looks like they were having fun!

  11. The photo is gorgeous and the kids are terrific, too!

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