21/365 #256 Reflections

I drive past this building every day and actually I worked in this building back in the early 90’s!!!  I never really noticed or paid much attention, but today I did.  I felt it was very fitting.  The first full day the new president is in office.  It’s time for us to “reflect” on change.  I wish the quality was better.  I took this while driving  (not very safe..I know) and used my P&S that might not have been on the right setting.  But I still really liked it and I hope you do too.


8 responses to “21/365 #256 Reflections

  1. Reflections on National Pride is as you Yanks say “Way Ta Go!”

  2. Interesting angle to the flagpole and building, and the curvy reflection is terrific.

  3. Wonderful image for the theme and I love this reflection -cool building!

  4. Lots to love about this image. I’m really impressed you got this while driving…

  5. Kristin, this picture is beautiful!

  6. I love the reflection of the flag and how you’ve interpreted the scene…all while driving!

  7. Great shot and perfect for this period in time..

  8. I love everything about this, the gold and red, the strong lines and the flag playing with each other. Great shot and be careful 😉

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