22/365 Self portrait (pick your own)

I hate pictures of myself.  This is me at work.  I guess it’s not that bad.


10 responses to “22/365 Self portrait (pick your own)

  1. Spooky place you work, it drains all the colour out of you, Thumbnail colour, posted shot monochrome Kinky but Cute methinks, mayhaps.
    Got my attention

    • Hmmm…I had originally posted a color then changed it to the b&w because I liked it better. Not sure why it didn’t change the thumbnail wherever you are seeing it.

  2. Me, too… and also the eye contact with the computer screen. Reminds me of my former work environment… shudder. But the self-portrait is nice.

  3. It’s nice being able to put a face with a name.

  4. You look so thrilled to be at work! Ha! Wonderful self portrait, now I know who I am typing to! 🙂

  5. That could have been me 8 years ago! Now retired and loving it!

  6. I think its a very cool, love the perspective on it! I also love the Im so excited to be at work face LOL

  7. Neat self-portrait – I like that your mouse hand is so prominent. And a good idea for a “Make Your Own” theme.

  8. Like your perspective on the photo. It is very expressive.

  9. Love the b & w and the enthusiastic look on your face! LOL (It is a neat photo though)

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