027_365 #140 Handwriting


My daughter doing homework.  She has to do everything in cursive starting this week.


10 responses to “027_365 #140 Handwriting

  1. This is sweet, I think I had those same exercises way back when…

  2. Wonderful photo! I remeber those days all to well! Shes doing a great job!!

  3. Went through all that then joined the Army who made up block print so as to make it readable.

  4. what a great pic to have for years to come…her writing is so neat—great job!

  5. Well, that was handy for the theme! I wish my younger one cared about the way his writing looks…

  6. Good composition on the photo – and she’s got lovely handwriting already.

  7. She has beautiful handwriting!

  8. Great angle and take on the theme!

  9. she is doing a great job, I love how that you documented this!

  10. Beautiful photo! She has lovely handwriting!

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