28_365 #74 Dangerous

This storm really put a wallop on everyone in Ohio and Kentucky.  In NE Ohio we are pretty used to it.  This was taken about 3pm on my way home from work.  They let us out early!!!  I’d say we got a good foot of snow over a 24 hour period.


6 responses to “28_365 #74 Dangerous

  1. Wow, bet there were tons of accidents – hope you stayed safe!

  2. I haven’t been out on the roads yet. But I did shovel a foot of snow off my front steps — ran out of steam when I got to ground level, though.

  3. Everyone knows it is danergous to drive the conditions should make you more cautious thereby safer. Oh except for other drivers that is.

  4. Just looking at that makes my knuckles go white!

  5. You really captured the tension! If I was behind the wheel my palms would be sweating. I only think the snow is beautiful if I can stay home and off the roads!

  6. snow just makes everything so pretty…

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