31_365 #353 Water

Today was beautiful!!!  After all the snow and cold we’ve had…I was so happy to see the sun and see some of it melt.  I was patiently waiting to see some birds since I hadn’t seen them for about a week, when I noticed the drops from the melting snow!!! So I thought it was a perfect way to remember today!!

And I did have a few visitors as well!!  It was so good to see them again!  I could sit and watch them for hours!  This is a bluejay that came in and started squawking up a storm to let his buddies know there was food!!  These birds are so pretty, but they are nasty little buggers!


6 responses to “31_365 #353 Water

  1. Boy is that bird suited to the climate, but as for the feeder shot, don’t let George see those water drops (Beautiful) he will think they are bubbles and attack. Love both shots

  2. Beautiful photograph. It looks like he posed for you.

  3. The birdhouse shot is great. Nice color. Love the drops of water.

  4. Love the birdhouse and the bird but REALLY love those droplets! Fabulous catch!

  5. Both of these are wonderful shots but the birdhouse one is captivating. You sure nailed those drops!

  6. Love the dripping birdhouse and that bluejay is just stunning!

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