33_365 #56 Clouds

Today was a GORGEOUS day for photos!  I couldn’t help but notice these clouds this evening!  I almost put it in the “repeating patterns” category.  I’ve never seen clouds in such a pattern like this!  It was really interesting.


20 responses to “33_365 #56 Clouds

  1. what a neat pattern…lovely photograph…it turned out magnificent!

  2. Wow!! They look like smoke stacks. Great capture.

  3. I’ve never seen anything like this either! Great shot!

  4. Those really are amazing clouds. What a great capture.

  5. that is an amazing sky – great shot

  6. Top shot. Surf’s Up!

  7. Awesome shot! I’ve never seen anything like it.

  8. Very cool image – I have never seen clouds like this either!! Beautiful!

  9. Wow, an awesome shot. Those clouds are just amazing.

  10. Wonderful shot! It almost looks like an oil painting!

  11. My goodness–it looks like the clouds are marching!

  12. WOW! Those clouds are amazing and you’ve captured them perfectly! I’ve never seen any like that either.

  13. Late catching up ditto to the above 😉
    Wonderful shot.

  14. This certainly teaches us to take a few seconds to look up, doesn’t it? Beautiful clouds and beautifully captured.

  15. What a great shot! Unusual cloud formation!

  16. Cool how the towers of clouds seem to mirror the heights of the trees. Excellent shot!

  17. There must be a topographical feature that is producing these clouds. Around here our big mountain, Mt. Rainier creates cloud formations it a repeating pattern from time to time.

  18. What a gorgeous sky! Clouds are one of my favorite subjects. You’ve done a fabulous job of capturing the repeating patterns.

  19. Amazing clouds – and perfect capture!

  20. Sweet. Very nice shot.

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