35_365 #224 Pampered

This dog is spoiled rotten!  I can’t believe that someone left her for dead almost 6 years ago.  She is the best dog in the world and she can do no wrong.  This is her watching me get ready for work.  Somedays I’m so tempted to just crawl back into bed with her.


7 responses to “35_365 #224 Pampered

  1. Looks like he took over the bed – have have 2 that do that! Sometimes I think that the dogs want me and my husband on the floor – LOL! Priceless image!

  2. I love his soulful eyes..he’s beautiful! People can be so cruel.

  3. She looks like she knows what matters. Great shot, I love her eyes.

  4. What a special photo! Some dogs deserve to be spoiled and she certainly looks like one of them.

  5. How wonderfully heart warming and such a lovely shot

  6. She looks so cozy – how can you resist those eyes?

  7. You did a great job photographing her – she exudes charm!

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