44_365 #316 Teeth (missing)

My son lost one of his last 2 baby teeth!  He’s 11, and he’s slowly losing them.  His sister, who’s 9 has already lost most of hers.  In fact the ortho says, she’s 2 years ahead of where she should be!!!

IMG_6829 IMG_6826


6 responses to “44_365 #316 Teeth (missing)

  1. Great portraits, especially the top one. (My son was late to lose his baby teeth, too. I think he lost the last one at 13 or 14.)

  2. My 15 year old just started the braces process – he just lost his last baby tooth this year! Fabulous teeth picture and perfect for the memory book!

  3. Great shots for later so that you can prove to a teenager that hr CAN deal with set-backs Love it.

  4. Beautiful B&W photographs. Maybe the ortho would like to put them up in the office!!

  5. I love that first shot particularly. I wish I’d thought to do similar photos of my kids.

  6. Love this! What a clever idea to do both! Your capture is beautiful and love the b & w!

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