45_365 #223 Pair (of worn out shoes)

My son is so hard on his shoes.  These are the shoes he got at the beginning of the school year (6 months ago).  He was born bowlegged and walks a little knock kneed.  We’ve taken him to a specialist and they’ve determined that he’s just very limber and his bones aren’t twisted.  He just needs to pay attention to the way he walks, which he doesn’t.  So he wears out his shoes pretty quickly.  His new shoes are like hiking boots, steel toe…hoping he gets a little more wear out of them.



7 responses to “45_365 #223 Pair (of worn out shoes)

  1. Do they smell as good as they look? I make my boys put their shoes in the garage because my nose can’t take it!! 🙂

  2. I am so glad I don’t have to buy shoes for the kids and grandkids anymore! We would go to World of Shoes and walk out much poorer….

  3. Little bit of TLC and you should get another ten thousand miles outta those.

  4. I so hear you with the shoes! great pic!

  5. Oh, the stories those shoes could probably tell!!

  6. The worn out ones are the best!!

  7. I hate when they wear their shoes out! Its bad enough that their feet keep on growing and growing…….

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