47/365 #48 Childhood Favorites

I love that my kids like to play with Lego’s.  It was one of my favorite toys growing up.  I don’t think you really ever outgrow these.  My kids have been playing with them for 2 days now! 


6 responses to “47/365 #48 Childhood Favorites

  1. Legos are so much fun. I hope they help clean up too!!

  2. Now the truth comes out, you really play with legos all day – LOL! I always loved these too – every once in a while I catch my 15 yr olds with them out! They would kill me if they knew I told! Great colorful image!

  3. I love Legos. It’s one of the few toys from my kids that I’ve put in my storage — in case of grandchildren. Great colors.

  4. Legos are one of the greatest toys ever. Builds bright little minds……..

  5. Love all the bright colors here! I also love how sharp that thig-a-ma-jig is!

  6. They are a perfect toy and you’ve proved by your wonderful shot just how photogenic they are. Very nice.

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