50/365 #27 Black and White

This is Shiloh, my 10 1/2 year old beagle.  In case you were wondering…we have 3 dogs.  These 2 are in the house.  The other is a black lab, he’s a hunting dog and he’s outside most of the time.  We used to have 4, but we had to get rid of one, she was also an outside hunting dog and just barked too much.



8 responses to “50/365 #27 Black and White

  1. gorgeous dog portrait -love the black and white treatment on this!

  2. Come now this isn’t the time EITHER.

  3. This is beautiful! Your dogs are very photogenic. This one looks like he (she?) owns the place…

  4. What a fabulous photo. Frame it and hang it in his doggie house! Great Job!

  5. He’s gorgeous….the perfect portrait!

  6. Great image Kristin – I love the big ears! The B&W treatment works great on it too.


  7. Ditto what everyone else said! Great shot!

  8. Beautiful B&W portrait. Shiloh is very serious-looing but I’m guessing that is not a correct description of his personality!!

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