52/365 #266 Rusted


After I got the truck washed I noticed the hitch was pretty rusted and decided to use it since I was slowly falling behind.  I was home with a sick kid…so it was a perfect day to get caught up!  Okay…so almost caught up! 


7 responses to “52/365 #266 Rusted

  1. If it’s not used it’s bound to rust, love the shot, nearly as good as the no nonsense dogs you snapped.

  2. I would have used this shot for sure – its excellent. Imagine making a hitch look so good!

  3. Your hitch ball looks like mine! You’d think they’d make them of something that didn’t rust, wouldn’t you! As long as they work, I guess! I love your interpretation of the theme!

  4. nice shot perfect for the theme

  5. Any old rusty image in a pinch. And it is a pinch since you have a sick little one. Hope the road to recovery is short.

  6. Just think – a shot just waiting to be taken everywhere you look! Well done!

  7. I bet it won’t look so rusty when there is sunshine, green grass and flowers in background!!

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