55/365 #183 Metallic

I was in high hopes they’d be coming off!  April 8th is the day!  I had braces as a teen for 2 1/2 years!   I got them again at the age of 40!  I took my kids in for consultation and the ortho noticed that mine had shifted.  Since he was the one to originally do it…he said he’d fix them for FREE!!!!  They were suppose to come off before Christmas…so I’m more than ready!

I will probably have to have some work done.  I have a stress fraction on one and because my teeth are worn…there’s still going to be gaps.  But not complaining!


8 responses to “55/365 #183 Metallic

  1. Your teeth look great, nice and straight! You took my idea, but my son (so far) will not let me take a pic of his mouth – LOL!!

  2. Great theme shot, not an area I venture into though, Dentists Yech.

  3. Ouch! I rememer those days…

  4. How wonderful that he’s fixing them for free – now that’s a warranty! A fun shot for the theme.

  5. Great shot! And good for you for agreeing to orthodontic treatment for a second time. Here’s hoping they’ll come off soon…..

  6. This would fit the teeth theme great, too! Your teeth are so nice and white. I’m sure the braces are worth it.

    • photoshop helped with whitening…i can only dream of having teeth that white…but tyhanks for the compliment and I used teeth already when my son lost his!

  7. Great take on the theme. When my son was growing up and began asking for a car, I used to tell him I had already purchased his “grill.”

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