56/365 #127 Grass, Turf, Lawn

We had an interesting evening!  Around 1 am, my dog woke me barking at some voices outside!  I heard my husband go outside and didn’t get up right away.  A few minutes later…I got up to see what was going on.  Didn’t notice anything out front and didn’t see anyone around.  Went to the back and noticed 3 cars at the neighbors…one being a cop car.  A little while later, I saw a tow truck pull 2 houses over.  Couldn’t see much, so waited for my hubby to come back.  When he came in, he told me 2 teens went for a joy ride in mom’s van.  They were 15.  They drove through our yard, through the neighbors and got stuck in the other neighbors yard.  They left the vehicle and fled on foot…leaving behind some drug paraphernalia.  Needless to say…they are in BIG trouble.  Here’s the tracks in our yard.  Not as bad as the ditch that got ruined 4 months ago…from a drunk driver!!!  We don’t even live in a bad area…but our yard seems to attract it all.

We’re just thankful they didn’t hit the house or hurt anyone.


3 responses to “56/365 #127 Grass, Turf, Lawn

  1. So that was where the action was last night! Kids are so disrespectful these days! Sorry about your yard and mom’s van!

  2. To My mind it’s their parents that never came to terms with respect. Lets hope that one or two of the disrespectful age learn alone what their folks failed to teach them- We are ALL personally responsible for what we do ALL THE TIME.

    World would be better if we all knew that.

  3. Wow, great shot for the theme. Sorry about your lawn though……

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