58/365 #55 Closely Cropped

The sun is brightly shining and it appears that spring is giving us a little taste today.  Shiloh is loving it too.  She loves to sit and warm herself in the sun.  I personally don’t know how she can do it.  Our full length glass door gets all the sun and gets really really hot!


8 responses to “58/365 #55 Closely Cropped

  1. She looks so relaxed getting her sun bath! Love the lighting here!

  2. Good to see a dog willing to put 110% effort into doing her thing, great shot of a lovely pooch.

  3. Beautiful closely cropped portrait of Shiloh. This photo looks like it could easily win a contest!!

  4. What a sweet face – nice cropping too!

  5. Perfect pet portrait! Such a nice soft look to it!

  6. Aww, I just want to cuddle her! She’s so sweet!

  7. Love it and he looks very loveable.

  8. oh so cute!

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