63/365 #345 Upside Down

Saw a new species at the feeder yesterday!  It’s a White Breasted Nuthatch.  Much like a woodpecker, eats and flies the same way.  First time I’d seen one of these, or paid enough attention to know it was something different.

There’s a lot of noise, I was too lazy to send it through noiseware.


10 responses to “63/365 #345 Upside Down

  1. He is unique looking – love those feathers – great notice, not to mention great picture!

  2. I’ve never seen one of those. Very handsome bird.

  3. Obvious a cautious breed as he believes in the old adage “Look before you Leap”!

  4. Great capture. You got hime with his mouth full!!

  5. Cute little fella – I hope he comes back to visit again.

  6. wow fantastic how you captured this little moment

  7. I love his feathers! You snapped a good capture, especially with dinner in his mouth.

    I’ve been tagged in the photo challenge going around, and I’m tagging you, too! Here are the rules:
    •Go to your photo folder on your computer
    •Go to the 6th folder of photos
    •Go to the sixth picture
    •Put the picture on your blog and a description of it
    •Invite six friends to join the challenge
    •Link them in your blog

    Hope you’ll join in!

  8. Great little bird!

  9. Good shot of a neat little bird. They’re very curious and I’ve gotten nuthatches to hand feed by emptying the feeder and holding up my hand with a few shelled peanuts in the palm. Get someone else to feed the bird while you handle the camera!

  10. They hang out with the chickadees at our cottage feeders (in Quebec). Pretty little guys…

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