64/365 #208 On the Road

It’s been so nice here and we’ve been really enjoying the warm weather.  We are enjoying walks with the dogs and going on big rides.  Now that the kids are a little older, we can do these things without hearing them whine…making it nice for all!


Having a little fun with this photo.  Played with some LR presets I got.  I just love this and think I might just enter it into a contest coming up.  Any suggestions or comments would be GREATLY appreciated.


9 responses to “64/365 #208 On the Road

  1. Kristen, I love this image too – Love the muted colors in this and the way the road leads the eyes! Great composition!

  2. That’s a great preset and the photo draws you right into it with the boy, dog and road winding into the horizon.

  3. Great composition. I feel like I am walking with them on this gorgeous road.

  4. I don’t understand the preset thing but the photo says in an emphatic way, A Boy-His Dog and the whole World ahead. Grand!

  5. You should definitely enter this in a contest. It’s a warm, inviting photo.

  6. Great shot – the lighting is spot on and there is so many textures in the photo

  7. Nothing tugs at the heart like a boy and his dog!! Nice shot!

  8. Very nice composition and processing.

  9. You’ve got a super composition there and I love your choice of processing.

    Mind sharing which LR preset you used?

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