65/365 #300 Spring

I found these flowers at an abandoned house down the street from us.  I’m not sure exactly what they are, but these are the first flowers I’ve seen so far and they just made me so happy!


12 responses to “65/365 #300 Spring

  1. What a beautiful spring flowers. Here Swizterland they are called Schneeglöcken.

  2. Beautiful! I know spring officially comes on Saturday, but it won’t be spring for me until I see my first flowers.

  3. I don’t know their name but this is a beautiful photograph.

  4. I believe they are lady slippers. Good picture

  5. Gorgeous, I have never seen one of these either!!

  6. Little snowdrops–one of the first harbingers of spring! Lovely photo!

  7. Yup, snowdrops, an easy one to remember. We have some in our yard and by the time I thought to myself to take a photo they were at the end of their blooming. Nice shot and great flower.

  8. what a great find – we haven’t gotten any flowers up here yet

  9. Lovely photo of the small flowers! These are really signs of spring.

  10. That beauty comes out of the bland never ceases to amaze me.

  11. Nice find – they make a lovely photo.

  12. Definitely snowdrops. They come up even before the snow is gone, hence the name. We even have a couple up in our garden.

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