Please go vote! My Sadie was picked!

I entered her picture into the Final Furr contest at a local radio station and she was picked for the first seed!!!  I would appreciate it (and so would she) if you would go vote!!  

TO VOTE:  Just click on the image and it will open up a new window and take you directly to the voting site! 

Thanks in advance!


8 responses to “Please go vote! My Sadie was picked!

  1. I voted. good luck!

  2. I voted -what a cutie Sadie is!

  3. I voted too. Is she a corgi? I grew up with Pembroke Corgis. My parents bought a pair when we lived in Britain and of course they came back to the states with us. I never see them around her and they are beautiful dogs. She is gorgeous!

  4. She’s such a cutie! She got my vote…

  5. I voted. My Sadie wishes your Sadie good luck. Woof-woof. 🙂

  6. She’s a cutie – I’m heading over to give her my vote!

  7. Good luck for your cute Sadie!

  8. I tried to vote and it didn’t go through. I hope she wins.

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