69/365 #215 Ornate

or·nate (ôr-nt)


1. Elaborately, heavily, and often excessively ornamented

Right now it excessive in that it’s among the dead plants from last year.  Once we’re done with snow (some expected early this week) I’ll clean it out and get it all prettied up for the flowers.


3 responses to “69/365 #215 Ornate

  1. Good luck on the contest, wish that I were brave enough to do something like that

  2. This one made me smile. The little bunny looks like he’s making a request for you to plant some nice parsley and lettuce for him. Your composition and processing serve to make a beautiful shot of what most of us wouldn’t consider photo-worthy. Great eye – I love it!

  3. And cute too! Looks like he is waiting for Easter!

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