73/365 #259 Repeating Pattern

I finished the afghan I was working on.  This is the first big knitting project I’ve done.  I just learned to knit in December.  This isn’t the traditional type of knitting, it’s called loom knitting!  I had to make 4 panels and stitch them together.  Since it’s my first one it’s not perfect…but the next one I’ll know better!

Now if I can just keep the dog from taking it over!  She’s been eyeballing it since I finished it and I’ve even caught her in it a couple of times.



7 responses to “73/365 #259 Repeating Pattern

  1. That’s beautiful and I love the way you photographed it. What a great hobby…

  2. It’s beautiful, Kristin. I agree with Julie — the chair is a great prop for the afghan. You keep inspiring me to find my loom and get creative myself. Maybe we’ll have to bring them for our digi weekend.

  3. Very pretty, that pattern is definitely repeated many times!

  4. Good job – I’m looking forward to seeing those photos of the dog wrapped in it because you know you’re going to lose that battle! As the others have mentioned, the chair is a perfect prop – a very nice set up.

  5. You are talented – this is beautiful! Love the image too – looks like I can go over to it and feel that delicious texture!

  6. Looks great and congratulations on finishing it, I’m very impressed.

  7. Looks like it will keep the dog comfy and warm!! Great job.

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