75/365 #103 Flowers

Poor flowers!!!  Actually there is a saying that the daffodils get snowed on at least once.  We got about 6 inches of snow the past 2 days, but at least we know it’s close to the end.  We’re used to this in NE Ohio, but to be honest…I’ve had enough. IMG_7148


6 responses to “75/365 #103 Flowers

  1. We went through the same thing last Saturday & Sunday (I am in Omaha, NE) – sounds like you got the same storm – but today is supposed to be 60 degrees and beautiful – hang in there – spring is on it’s way! That burst of yellow in the snow makes for a fabulous image though (one good thing came out of the snow) LOL

  2. If it makes you feel any better, we don’t even have the daffodils yet but we’ve got the new snow falling. Your photo is pretty even if a bit depressing…

  3. I think even with the snow it is a sure sign of Spring!! Nice shot.

  4. I have to disagree with Julie, your image of the flower persevering in the face of the snow storm is inspiring not depressing.

    We do agree that it is a pretty image however. 🙂

  5. Fortunately, daffodils are tough! And the contrast of the vivid flower against the cold grnaular snow is lovely.

  6. just seems wrong to me to see snow and daffodils at the same time! does make for a beautiful photo though!

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