77/365 #198 New

For Easter my daughter got a new box of sidewalk chalk and I just love they way the way they looked in the box.  All nice and sharp and not broke.  They won’t stay that way for long!



8 responses to “77/365 #198 New

  1. Great perspective and lots of fun colors!!

  2. There is something that always fascinated me about a new box of crayons, colored pencils, or chalk. That unused smell and the way the colors align with each other.
    Did you play with these in Photoshop? They look almost iridescent; not chalky at all. Whatever you did….works!

  3. Yes I did a preset in Lightroom that I really liked. I can’t remember what the preset was. I have a tendency to play with a number of presets til I find something I like. Thanks for the comment.

  4. I always loved a new box of crayon or colored pencils…I’d want to hoard them and not use them. The pastel colors and iridescent sheen of the chalk are very attractive.

  5. This is wonderful – love the shapes and the pastel colors! What a great idea!!

  6. For a minute, I thought they were crayons! I can still remember the excitement of opening a new box of them! Love this shot – hope your daughter uses them to give you some photo ops!!!

  7. Nice shot. I like the perspective and the colors.

  8. The lighting of this shot really sets it off, nice work.

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