They’re still at it!  This picture is a lot better in that I got them both squabbling!!!  It’s a lot clearer even if you can’t see their eyes.  They are very amusing to watch.  I’m hoping soon to see some eggs in the nest.


7 responses to “90/365

  1. A typical husband talking back….LOL! Outstanding!

  2. They must be married, they must be heavy weights too, to need reinforcing steel as a branch. Great Shot.

  3. Love it!

  4. They have GOT to be siblings: “He’s touching my feathers!” “She’s on my side of the perch!”

  5. I told you to wing a left at the oak tree……
    Cute photo!

  6. That is great! I love birds too, my family thinks of gone off the deep end. I wondered through the woods yesterday in the back portion of my in-laws property and lost track of time. Everyone was wondering if a poacher got me!

    Nah, but I did find a Black-throated Gray Warbler and a couple Turkey Vultures.

  7. That’s just terrific! Super shot you’ve captured.

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