Looking up!  I was hoping to see some little birds or at least the mother sitting on the eggs.  No such luck, but was really impressed with the way this photo turned out. 




I was surprised how close this little black capped chickadee got to me.  It literally flew about 6 inches above my head and landed on a branch that was so close to me.  I then found it on this tree stump high up.  I just loved how this picture turned out and the fact it stayed there long enough.  Not a shy bird at all!



Another flower I saw while walking in the woods.  A true sign that spring is here!  It certainly was a beautiful day!


83/365 #177 Looking Down

I didn’t see a whole lot in the beginning and I realized I was looking up and looking around.  I found this interesting flower and a bee gathering pollen.   Never seen a flower like this before.  Have no idea what it is! 



Found this little guy!  He was so cute!  I’m often amazed watching animals in their natural habitat.



My son loves to fish and I love watching him!  I loved his reflection on the water!


80/365 #178 Lost and Found

Today we went to a outdoor club we are members of and while everyone fished, I took a walk and tried to see what I could find.  I was amazed at the things I found today and the pictures that I captured.  Not all of them will fit into themes, this was more of a day to catch up.  Starting next week, I will be busy with baseball practices, softball practices and I will also be going back to school so want to be caught up as much as possible.

Found this while walking around one of the ponds.